Teacher Training

While a trained teacher can be the best thing to happen to a child or an adult, an untrained one is often the very worst. Whether it’s adult trainers for special programs and special curricula, or people who will go on to teach children in school, our teacher training experts will make sure that the beneficiaries get the best possible skills and knowledge.

Student Enrollment

Our specialty here is designing programs to get out of school children back into school – and keep them there! Our experts have been part of such schemes and worked on student enrollment with the government.

Teacher / Student Assessment

Assessing the value of teachers, what they are teaching and how students are responding is an essential part of education, any kind of education. Our experts in teacher and student assessment and their experience make us specialists in this field.

Market Intelligence

Going out into the field to find out – what kinds of schools are there? What are they teaching there? What kind of school will fit your need? This one is actually fun to do!