Local Government

It’s a nursery of democracy. The knowledge of different types of local government structure is important for democracy, our skills to perform comparative analysis of the effectiveness and functionality of different local government systems has made us leaders in the field.

Voter Education

How a voter is supposed to vote for the right person if he or she doesn’t know how to judge? How will he/she know his rights? Obligations as a voter? We can provide the knowledge and the skills necessary for individuals to make educated choices.

Accountability Mechanisms

Accountability mechanisms are essential if a government is to succeed and work for the good of the people. How do you ensure that people can access public institutions for their rights and entitlements? To ask questions? No accountability = no democracy.

Community Empowerment

Just how vital is it for communities to be aware of their rights? To know how to approach the government? To know how to make demands? We mobilize communities to help them share their thoughts with the government.